Amazing Bible Truths

Date: February 20 - 23, Nightly at 7pm | Venue: Queensbury Convention Centre - Meeting Room 1

Information provides a solid basis to make WISE decisions. Wise decisions are based on FACTS. Facts are found in the BIBLE. The bible can change your FUTURE. Are YOU interested in making wise decisions that are based on bible facts that will affect your future? You are personally invited to the AMAZING BIBLE TRUTHS seminar. See you there!


  • Feb 20 - The Perfect Law of Liberty (Convention Centre)
  • Feb 21 - Rest for a Restless World (Convention Centre)
  • Feb 22 - Good News about the Future (Convention Centre)
  • Feb 23 (11:00am) - A Matter of Authority (Convention Centre)
  • Feb 23 (2:30pm) - The Widow, the Judge and the Adversary (Convention Centre)
  • Feb 23 (7:00pm) - History's Glorious Climax (Convention Centre)

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